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Sean Murray, CEO

Favourite delivery food: Sushi

In 2015, Sean founded WeDespatch – a food logistics platform. He has scaled teams in four different countries, allowing them to manage food delivery SAAS.

Sean loves helping build profitable food delivery businesses and helping great food brands succeed online.

“Online ordering as a percentage of overall food consumption is still evolving. We are at the beginning of a very exciting transformation in how food is purchased and where it is consumed.

“New business models are evolving rapidly to cater to the increasing consumer demand and we are super excited to help shape the future of food. We’re proud that Hosted Kitchens is at the centre of this evolution. We’re excited!”

Shane O’Neill, Head Of Operations

Favourite delivery food: Pizza

Shane previously managed the construction and installation of thousands of fast food kitchens across the Middle East.

He says:

“For 40 years, the trend has been to reduce the size of commercial kitchens, giving more space to front-of-house. But right now, the biggest opportunity for restaurants is the growth of delivery.

“Serving this market with existing kitchens can mean compromising the quality of the in-house experience. Dark Kitchens mean restaurants can affordably and efficiently access the growing delivery market, without negatively impacting their existing business.”

Dmitry Skorinko, CPTO

Favourite delivery food: Poke Bowl

Previously, Dimitry was the first CTO of food delivery unicorn, Glovo. Dmitry later went on to found Eliport, an automated robotic delivery company.

“Technology is going to continue being the engine of the restaurant business.

“Very soon, we are going to see more and more automation in every kitchen. That will help increase performance and reduce waste. From very simple kitchen displays to controlling every process to robotic burger flipping assistants and salad makers.”

HK2U, Hosted Kitchens Chief Robot

Favourite delivery food: Burgers

HK2U was created in-house by the Hosted Kitchens team. Although still new to his career, HK2U has embraced challenges and opportunities of his role – delivering hot food to DCU students.

“The whole Hosted Kitchens team has been brilliant since my launch in early 2022 and have really made me feel like part of their family.

“These days, I love whizzing around the DCU campus, getting meals to hungry students. I hope I’ll be cropping up in other locations around Ireland shortly – so keep your eyes peeled for me.”