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Who we are

A food tech start-up with a difference – Hosted Kitchens provides the technology, expertise, and physical infrastructure to help restaurants scale with impact, increase their operating margins, and grow profitability.

An extension of your own team, we fuel the growth of your restaurant at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time compared to opening a traditional brick & mortar location.

“The growth of delivery offers restaurants a huge opportunity, but it comes with significant operational challenges. At Hosted we have worked hard to develop best in class software and delivery kitchen facilities to help manage and expand your delivery operations”

What we do

Delivery Kitchens

Our delivery kitchens save both time and money for expanding restaurants. Giving them access to new markets and opportunities. We work closely with restauranteurs to optimize their operations (cost savings) & provide market insights & support (revenue growth) for their business.


Hosted Kitchens software processes orders from multiple sales channels, including delivery apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats, Flipdish and Deliveroo. Providing staff with one uniform, easy to use interface. While our kiosks and order hardware reduces labour costs and helps increase sales.

Virtual Restaurant Brands

Our delivery only brands give restaurants access to new markets and customers. With complete supply chains, marketing and menu support – operators can grow their revenue without increasing their overheads.

“If it takes a regular restaurant between nine and 12 months to set up in a new location, Hosted Kitchens will do all that in five or six weeks.”

Our partners

If you own or operate a restaurant, we’re here to help you grow your delivery business.  We’re not merely a supplier or a contractor, we’re an extension of your team.

Maybe it’s about having better operations; you recognise the opportunity that delivery offers, but are nervous about disrupting your existing dine-in experience (we understand this). We take delivery off-premise, so that you can reap the benefits of additional revenue streams and access new markets.

Our typical partner has between 1 and 10 locations already (though we also work with larger chains). We offer a minimum 12-month licence and can help you with your management software, marketing, social media, supply chain, operations and much more.

With Hosted Kitchens you can be up and running in as little as 4 to 5 weeks. Contact us today for more details

“Many of our partners have city centre locations, and want to take the drivers out of those restaurants and instead have satellite kitchens purely for delivery. It makes sense – and that evolution is what Hosted Kitchens do really well.”

Hosted Kitchens in a nutshell

  • Technology to streamline kitchen operations
  • Kitchen infrastructure built for delivery
  • Marketing and digital support for food businesses
  • Delivery only restaurant brands ready to go
  • Increased economies of scale for restaurants
  • Significantly reduced overheads for restaurants