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How our kitchens work

The growth of off-premise dining is the single biggest change to the restaurant industry in 30 years. Delivery offers a huge opportunity to operators, but setting up a new brick & mortar location can take years and hundreds of thousands of Euro. Licensing a commercial kitchen at a Hosted Kitchen Centre on the other hand, can see you up and running and serving customers in a new area in a matter of weeks, for a fraction of the set up costs of traditional venues.

The Kitchens

  • Purpose built and designed for delivery
  • Commercial Electrical connections
  • Commercial Gas connections
  • Fire Suppression & Safety
  • Wifi & Network
  • Dry & Cold Storage
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Pest Control & Security


  • Set up in a new market in a matter of weeks rather than months
  • Our kitchens are turn key
  • Increase capacity with reduced labour
  • Let our team ensure your success

Built for the off premise consumer

  • Purpose built collection zones to manage delivery riders/drivers
  • Reduce the congestion of delivery riders at your existing restaurants
  • Strategic locations – access the highest value demographics
  • Click & Collect service available in some locations¬†