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We empower
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Expand your business with easy access to commercial kitchens  

The Opportunity.

The growth of on-demand delivery is driving the biggest change in the restaurant industry in 50 years. To capitalize on this huge opportunity, restaurants will need new ways of operating. Hosted Kitchens empowers Restaurant operators to:

  • Minimize the cost of establishing a new location.

  • Maximize profits from high margin delivery.

  • Reach new customer bases and locations.

  • Open in a fraction of the time compared to traditional venues

How Hosted Helps.

Clusters of delivery-only kitchens with the advantage of shared services, increased economies of scale and reduced overheads

  • Low Capex-Low risk expansion.
  • Technology to streamline operations.
  • Infrastructure built for delivery.

The Fundamentals.

Customer Trends

  • UBS has predicted the food delivery market will grow 10X from $35bn to $350bn by 2030

  • Current kitchen infrastructure faces challenges managing this new demand

  • Gen Z order on average 50% more food delivery than their parents.

Business Trends

  • Covid has accelerated change, brands that previously would not have considered delivery are now omnichannel forever

  • Supplementary virtual brands being used to increase delivery demand

  • Increasing consumer sophistication has led to demand for an ever growing range of cuisines and culinary options.

The Future.

We are building the food delivery infrastructure of the future. 

To join the waiting list for new kitchens or to propose a possible location for a Kitchen Centre – contact to us today