How our Technology works

Increase efficiency and grow profits with Hosted’s digital delivery infrastructure.

Order Management Tech


Restaurant staff often have to manage up to 3+ delivery order devices during service. Each with their own unique user interface, ticket format, controls, etc. This is difficult and inefficient, wastes valuable staff time, increases errors and customer dissatisfaction. Hosted’s system resolves this. 



  • Reduces to a single easy to use interface which controls all delivery channels
  • Streamlines operations and frees up staff time
  • Reduces labour requirements and allows restaurants to focus on their food and bottom line
  • Reduces staff errors and waste

Ordering App

  • Order food from multiple restaurants in one single transaction, all on the same ticket.
  • No more fighting over what Restaurant to choose. Now everyone gets to pick what they want. 
  • Delivery straight to your car.
  • Just: Click-Park-Collect.

Self Service Kiosk


  • Improve your self service customer experience,
  • Reduce labour costs by reallocating cashier staff to move value added roles
  • Increase revenue with easier up selling and marketing capabilities
  • Remove customer frustration with queues and inaccurate orders