Increase your revenue with Hosted Virtual Brands

More sales, more customers, same kitchen:

Virtual brands allow restaurants to  access new customers and revenue streams, without increasing their overheads. Become a franchisee for one of Hosted’s virtual restaurant brands and start growing your sales today. We’ll take care of the software, the tech, menu development, delivery, supply chain, marketing, and packaging, to name a few – all the you have to do is cook.

How it works: 


Select the brands that match your current operations

We’ll match your current kitchen with delivery brands that make sense for you based on; your equipment, supply chain, menu, location, local competition, and more. We’ll set you up with brands that won’t stress your current operation, but will allow you to service new customers. All you have to do is cook with love and attention!


Leave the Marketing to us

We promote and market these brands on the delivery apps and in social & traditional media to ensure hungry customers are sent in your direction. In fact surveys show that customers are more likely to order from a recognised brand than independent restaurants. You’ll benefit from national name and brand recognition without ever having to worry about a single post.


Relax with our delivery tech

All orders come through Hosted’s state of the art delivery management system: an all-in-one solution that makes managing endless orders easy, and dealing with multiple menus and sales channels a doddle.


Grow your sales & market share

Delivery drivers collect orders for your new virtual restaurant brands just the same as they do for your existing orders. With new menus and food options, you can access different customer groups, demographics and sectors while maintaining your current restaurant brand and kitchen.

Adding Zings to my kitchen’s offering has allowed us to access new customers. It’s meant more sales, more customers and all from the same kitchen. It’s the difference between a good week and a great week.

David M.

Starting Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast from our kitchen has meant that we are now selling throughout the day. Before our delivery business was only in the evenings and at night. We’re now running a successful delivery business in the morning as well, bringing in very valuable revenue and new customers.

John C.

Grow sales,keep overheads low

Our delivery-only concepts take your existing staff, space & inventory and use them to create new menu items under alternate brand names, allowing you to access new markets and customer groups.

Access additional revenue streams

Your restaurant has a single listing in a single cuisine type on the delivery apps. With virtual brands, you’ll show up multiple times in multiple cuisine types on customers feeds to drive more orders. You’ll be be able to offer new menus and offers to new customers without confusing or affecting your current brand and customers. 

All you have to do is Cook!

We market every brand to drive sales and revenues, and our tech makes order management easy peasy. All you have to do is cook the orders as they come in. It really is that simple.

Compatible with the major delivery apps

Our brands are built on data, not guesswork

Earn more revenue with the same kitchen, staff, and ingredients. There are no startup fees or lengthy contracts and you can make changes at any time.